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Enjoying the Flow of Life

I am learning. A new lifestyle. Of turning any event, even painfully negative ones, into some source of joy. And of sharing this skill with anyone open to the idea. It has proven to be a wonderful mechanism for me.

I recently lost someone very close to my heart in an unexpected manner. The shock of it was a little numbing. And yet, I was surprised that as I decided to give into the natural flow of grief and loss, it eventually turned into an empowering peace that set base deep in my heart!

My past focus used to be on how things were going wrong for me in all directions. My mind was constantly involved and looking only at this element of pain and disappointment. Then one day, I decided to list all the ways I had been blessed. After pages and pages of items on my new BFF list, I realized that unknown to me, good things were happening to me all the time. I just did not realize the tremendous miracles around me. (More on those in another blog :).

So, this joy and gratitude thingee is a funny one! The more you focus on it, the more you get it showered on you. I started noticing this trend. I began to see the people being put in my sphere, the doors being opened, and the experiences of wealth beyond materialism being offered to me. And to those around me.

And now, there is no reason NOT to climb my way back to happiness and wonder, even if I think I am drowning in despair. There is always an art piece that is waiting to be created, my child's laughing banter, a walk in nature, a beautiful medley of songs, a new friend to make or something else that pulls me away from darkness. It all begins with a choice. To drop the "rights" and "wrongs" and other ego issues, to look at everything with the eyes of a kid, and to simply let go of all... in the flow!

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