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Yes, We Can!


With the political season upon us, it is quite easy to drown in the negative ads and divisive speeches in the media. As far back in history one goes, there are always instances of people “for causes” and “against them.” I think that race, religion, caste, gender, status etc. are simply labels. And labels tend to restrict and keep us locked in a particular definition.

So, what does it mean to live a label-free lifestyle? Acceptance and forgiveness and connection to all. If we start by remembering we are all sharing the ride around the sun on the same planet - which in turn is but a speck in the universe - we maybe able to get a handle on ego-driven delusions. I sometimes check myself with this mantra when I am spiraling in the undertow of challenges, real and imaginary.

Without all divisive labels, what ultimately connects us all is our humanity. The next time someone degenerates one section of humanity over another, I urge you to remember that we are all united in our humanity.

Here is an inspirational flashback to what humans can do when working together...

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