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The Gift of Trauma

Trauma is something we all instinctively avoid. It is a basic avoidance needed for our survival. But what if we choose to look at a painful event and it’s aftermath with a different viewpoint? What can we learn from a dreadful experience?

Sometimes, trauma triggers a turning point in out lives. It is a ”wake-up“ call. A divine intervention indeed! In fact, it is what we DO after a painful instance that defines the human resilience.

I have faced many challenges, the last of which nearly killed me. I was prescribed medication unnecessarily and instead of speaking up and questioning it, I continued to take it until my body just could no longer suffer the consequences. That was five long years ago.

Coming back from near-death to my current status is an event only visible to me, internally. Some days, I question where I got the power to see it through! Many survivors of trauma have support groups and chances to speak out and mitigate their pain. I did not get this chance. But what I got was an unseen power of the Universe that guided me back to healing. Slowly, patiently, and lovingly, it showed me a new way of life. Of making choices that empower and bring joy and hope into my life! So that I may continue to share it with others.

And now, I convert my “pain” into “paintings“ and live my life with as much joy as I can gather and share. It is not always easy to stay in this positive space, but through meditation, journaling, art, excercise, and spend time in nature, I re-charge myself.

So to all those who are battling something beyond their grasps right now, I send a powerful gift of conquering trauma. It’s memories may never leave you, but you can overcome negativity and seek out a way of life that is better than before. With love and hugs to you all.


Aretha Franklin and George Michael

Knew You Were Waiting For Me.”


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