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Go Where You Are CHERISHED

Go where you are cherished,

Not where you are tolerated.

Go where eyes sparkle on seeing you,

And hearts flutter with joy for you.

Do not tread on paths that close doors,

Or streets that put out your lamp.

Go where smiles light up your miles,

And where warm embraces enfold.

Go where you are the star, sun, moon, and sky,

And where fantasies fly for you.

Do not meander into marshes of melodrama,

Or pour yourself into waterfalls that ache.

Go where joy finds you, where love makes a home for you,

And where your essence finds its delight.

Go where there are no limits, no boundaries,

And where your soul can soar free.

Do not melt into puddles of compromises,

Or sewers of despair that have no end.

For where you are truly cherished and loved,

That is home, hearth, and the place you’ll mend.

(with love and hugs, Sangeeta)

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