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The Red Balloon

The people were nervous... and worried. "Fly," said a little girl... "Fly!" But it wouldn't. There was no joy. None at all. No joy left inside the Little Red Balloon.

He had lost all happiness when his Elephant friend had left him last week. The Elephant had found his new Penguin mate more interesting. "Alas," cried the Little Red Balloon. "A cloud of doom has come over me, and I can't fly no more!"

Suddenly, a Car entered the scene and screeched to a halt in front of the Little Red Balloon. The Car, a small and tiny hot wheels edition, was presently speaking to him.

"Hello friend!" said the Car, "are you from this town?"

"Yes," replied the Little Red Balloon, "how can I help you?"

"Well," started the Car, "I am looking for my family but I am unable to get to them since my wheels are broken." He continued, "Can you fly me to them?"

Now the Little Red Balloon had a kind heart. Despite his own pain and loss, or perhaps because of it, he promised to help the Car. He asked the Car to hold onto his string as tightly as possible. With the onlookers in the crowd cheering them, the duo took off.

Hours later, they both landed at a tree on the outskirts of strange town. This is where the Car jumped off to its freedom. The Car landed in the tangled roots at the base of the tree - where a whole host of hot wheels were waiting.

"Please stay with us," said the Car to the Little Red Balloon. "You are my friend for life," replied the Little Red Balloon. "But now that I have discovered that I can soar, I must live in my freedom." And away he drifted with a smile that began in his heart.

copyright: Sangeeta Kaul/

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