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"Scared" to "Sacred"

A thought occurs to me: how does "Scared" turn into "Sacred"?

There once was a girl who was petrified... all the time! She was scared of speaking or doing the wrong thing. She feared rejection, abandonment, or outright disregard if she voiced her opinions. And like many humans, she would misrepresent her "scared" emotions by various means - avoidance of people or events that caused panic, putting on a tough exterior when triggered, or complete denial of her fearful responses to real and perceived stimuli. She was living in a world that valued her only if she stayed cowering in her corner.

One day, she got hit by a massive trailer truck, or something like it. Metaphorically. She lay on the concrete with a million broken pieces. At first, she was afraid to call out for help. Fear had her in its grip. For many years, she lay on that road as people whizzed by her. Finally, she had no choice but to help herself. She mentally made a first move to pick up her pieces. This was her first move towards acknowledging "Sacred."

And Spirit saw that. The same Spirit that runs through all creation. It was in her as well... only she did not have the awareness yet. She began piecing together her muscles, her fascia, her bones, her tendons and nerves, painfully. Her cries of pain eventually turned into dialogues of prayer. Ever so often now, a laughter or smile began to erupt in her heart. She moved along in her healing. This was the next step towards "Sacred."

Synchronicity was in the air she breathed. For every one step she took, many other helpful steps approached her in response. Eventually, she stood upright again. As she ventured to walk again, she stumbled, but always got back on the track again. She found "Sacred" in her daily life now.

As her bundles of "Sacred" grew, they pushed out "Scared' from her consciousness. With a simple choice to live with Love and Kindness and Faith, "Scared" was transmuted into "Sacred."

I have learned a tremendous lesson from this girl. Most of "Scared" is just our egos trying to limit us. We are "Sacred" beings, if we only let go of the ego. It's time to recognize our true selves.

Namaste, with Love and Hugs.

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