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Paint For Peace

The news on the radio transformed me.

I generally choose to remain oblivious to the news channels because I get numbed-out by the constant emphasis on fear and negativity in the media. I drown out the usual suspect reports on various crimes, hacker attacks, vaccination politics, and war-mongering; and stick to traffic and weather reports.

But not today.

Today, I was struck by the reports of impending war in yet another part of the globe (Ukraine). I cannot imagine what it feels like to be a regular person living in such terror at this moment, not knowing when your home and family will be under attack. Something inside me decided to not remain quiet anymore.

As an artist, my weapons are my creative palette. Understanding that trauma and anger do not end if we engage them with the same attitude, I decided I was going to paint. And I was going to invite my community to join me in doing the same.

Hence, there is no planning. There is no "marketing" this event. Just a simple act. To paint for peace. I hope you can join me.

Facebook Event:

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