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Rain from the gods, in bucket loads, is splashing its way down to earth for the past hour. It is pure delight and has slowly cheered me out of a funk. I recall my childhood memories in India (during such monsoon-like events) of holding onto a warm cup of spicy chai and anticipating the intoxicating aroma of freshly made pakoras (fried vegetable fritters) making their way to me. That was the height of magic!

Westerners generally seem to speak harshly about this life-giving source. It's usually spoken of as grumbling about traffic blockages; canceled events; getting caught without an umbrella or ruining one's shoes, clothes... and more. But to me, the rain had always been a trigger for joy and imaginative play.

It is only appropriate then, that I am launching a new blog series discussing "One Joy" on one such afternoon of cloudy, thunder-clamored precipitation by Mother Nature. Twenty-four hours ago, this would have been impossible to do because I was spiraling into a series of tensions and stress-inducing thinking. I made a conscious decision to focus on activities that enhance my experience, needless of how big or small it was. I painted, I rested, and I listened to music. I stopped judging myself and listened intuitively, and realized I was not being kind to myself. I wanted to experience joy, and even when no external means for this were available, it was still possible. Each day, every day!

For me, it came as rain. The unplanned showers provided an opportunity to let go of my plans for an outdoor picnic at the local garden this evening. Instead, I am now enjoying peaceful music, drinking my spicy chai, and loving what I am blogging about.

Life is like the rain. I can choose to weep over my lost picnic, or I can learn to rejoice in an alternative plan gifted to me. Here are some things to do when it rains unexpectedly:

  • Thank the Universe for making us stop our frantic pace of life, and take a moment for ourselves.

  • Seek shelter and enjoy the act of precipitation.

  • If driving, then we can put on the best audio program accessible and synchronize with the wet travel conditions as we enjoy. if nothing is available, then sing for ourselves.

  • Roast some corn, flavor it with spices on it and a touch of lemon juice and enjoy a warm treat.

  • Make your favorite beverage or soup, open a window and look out into creation while sipping on the liquid gold.

  • Go ahead and jump into puddles if there is no lightning in the sky. Better yet, get your kids or other companions to do the same with you.

  • Do an impromptu car wash, patio wash, or outdoor furniture wash.

  • Get your pets outdoors for a quick sprinkle wash.

  • Cover yourself and go for a rainy nature walk (only if no storms or lightning is occurring). It is very tranquil and meditative.

  • Take a nap with windows open and rest with nature's tranquil raindrop symphony.

And as life plans change (unexpectedly or not), I am learning to dance in the rain. Joyfully!

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