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Obituary of a Grand Tree

I sit here by the window on a rainy, drizzly morning, listening to the drilling, grilling, grinding sounds of metal outside. Last rites are being performed outside in the neighborhood. A grand tree had inhabited this small town for many decades. Now, it is gone! ​​ We had been warned by the town yesterday, and the area had been secured off as well. All vehicle and foot traffic had been diverted to a safer route. It was a "wait and watch" scenario. At 11am this morning, I heard the commotion. The roots had finally given up on holding their ground. I am sure the morning drizzle had a role to play in it. In one swift move, Mother Nature had displayed her glorious power! I rushed outside to survey the scene. Only two other neighbors were visible to me. The tree roots were vertical now, while the tree itself rested in final repose horizontally. I was awestruck! I bowed internally at this "Bodhi" tree and thanked it for the service it had provided to us humans. Even in its final act of kindness, the grand tree had spared the neighbors' home from being crushed under its massiveness! Excitement brewed as more neighbors joined in and speculated on this and that. It had been months that I had even spoken to some of these people due to Corona-virus lock down and social distancing. Presently, I reflected on how just yesterday afternoon I had walked past the grand tree and it's caution-taped street. I had been spared the crush of its mighty fall! I felt small and humbled. Life changes in just one swift moment. We make plans and agendas, but sometimes fail to recognize that the particular moment of "now" is the most important. The grand tree has taught me this lesson. So, instead of pondering my various worries and challenges, here I am in my studio, doing what I love the most. Creating. This is my humble obituary to the grand tree. And a solemn promise to live in this moment, with much gratefulness. Rest in peace, beloved grand tree.

copyright: Sangeeta Kaul/

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