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SELF & Silo Fall Restaurant: A Natural Connection

This room that I have selected at Silo Falls in Brookeville, MD for an impromptu brunch with my SELF is lit up by a warm fireplace that catches my attention no sooner than being seated. I dominate the room with my presence, especially since I am the only one in it :)

Moments ago, once I had exited my car to walk up the step, the wind gusts had blown off the patio furniture. The patio chairs were now blocking my entrance to the building as if to say, "Not today," but two determined hostesses came out and placated the displaced items back into their rightful positions on the terrace. Bemused by this dramatic show, I had prodded on inside the magnificent structure.

Presently, it feels comforting to remain in the glow of this fireplace. I wonder how old it is? The design does not resemble modernity. I notice two vents, very articulately decorative, flanking its two upper corners. Now, I pause as I indulge in my cup of starter coffee on this briskly cold winter afternoon. I look up from my cup and see the distant horizon from the window next to the fireplace. The old tree line is swayingly inviting me to the promise of the pond and the amazing terrace area where I have seen flocklings of geese in the past. Another day perhaps, my friend, I mentally whisper to the winds.

Another pause. The fagioli soup arrives. It had meat of some sort. I am a vegetarian. I could have sworn the waitress had said it didn’t. Speak up. Nah, I simply pushed out the square bits that felt too fleshy to be veggies— Fagioli, huh?

Another thought enters my being as the delicious pretzel sticks with beer cheese and mustard and the heavenly eggplant salad arrive --- one day soon, I would love to have and share with my loved ones, a home as peaceful and decluttered as this room, with at least one functional, beautiful fireplace to gather around on cold days and nights. 

And then, perhaps, my SELF will feel safe enough to speak my mind.

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