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  1. Healing begins with voicing against oppression. Whether you are heard or not. Whether results happen immediately, or not. That voice against oppression must not be silenced into acceptance of that which causes you to live less than your best, most authentic life.

  2. The second step in healing must be acknowledging the need for change of status quo. You may not know the path to freedom, but you must know in your heart and soul that you need to make a start. Even a small, seemingly non-significant one.

  3. The third step in healing is to provide nurturing. For your own self, when no one else stepping up for that job.

  4. The fourth step in healing is believing. Believing in your own value and value system as the internal truths for you. Your link to the divine resides here. This is the antidote to any and all darkness.

  5. The fifth and final step is vision. To have and to hold a vision of what your life and goals must be. And to take actions that put that vision into your reality. The Universe must follow a vision truthfully held, and faithfully acted upon. Once this cycle starts... healing begins!

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