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Fearless and Free-spirited Living

This is my note to myself today. And to anyone who may benefit from it. In 2014, I was facing some major challenges. It seemed like I would not be able to overcome my troubles. Then, I made this list below. It was the voice of my intuition, and it has pulled me through some major situations.

The steps are simple, yet powerful! And I share this now to serve as a guide that may benefit others.

  • Open heart, open mind = way to enlightenment of soul

  • Accept the present moment as the only real existence

  • Replace "Fear," with "Love," "Gratitude," and "Appreciation"

  • The Universe returns to you all that you need to help heal yourself

  • Do no wrong to another being and be helpful in anyway possible

  • Kindness and gentleness towards all, especially to yourself

  • Abandon judgment and expectations

  • There is value and lessons in every situation - learn from it and move on

Krishna Urges. Linotype. 1994. Sangeeta Kaul.

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