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Divine Hands.


These hands of mine are amazing!

I used to not like their chubby phalanges, and they are puffy, unlike the idealized elegant hands of many women. My nails constantly break from the regular home chores--- maintenance, washing dishes, scrubbing, wiping, and cleaning. My nails match the stripped-down version of me--- manly, ungainly, stubby, and heavy looking.

Or, so I used to believe.

But now, the Truth of my hands is revealing itself to me, ever so slowly. These hands of mine are miraculous! They are creators of joy and uniqueness that come through me into the material world. They have wiped tears, massaged away pain and illness, clapped together in celebration, held my head in despair and trauma, soothed and fed my child to healthy and happy growth, helped me stabilize and walk stronger when I fractured my foot, carried objects twice as heavy as I was capable of at any given time, helped me rise up to the water's surface when I swim and do not know how to, they come together in a respectfully loving "Namaste" while greeting another, have held drumsticks to beat on drums and producing a melody I didn't have the capacity to, cooked delicious meal with a loving joy for family and friends and created artwork that comes from within my soul.

My hands are my best therapists and healers because they have helped me journal my life in a manner that nothing else could. They are my best friends--- blessed divine representations of my true spirit into this world.

My beautiful hands--- I love you.

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