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The Random Hearts Project

"The Random Hearts Project" Random Hearts Project started just like that... randomly. On many occasions that I was having a challenge or questioning events of my life, I started noticing the appearance of these heart shapes wherever I went. I wasn't actively looking for anything, but my instincts would take me to these shapes or my eyes would be directed to these hearts while driving or walking. These events started happening so often that other members of my life became aware of them and even started joining in the spotting of "Random Hearts!" Here is an image of a random heart that appeared in my home-made cup of chai! Those who know me also realize how much I love chai - so this was a double-dose of LOVE. I invite you to join in this adventure! Please share your "Random Heart" sightings and the circumstances that lead you to them. It is very interesting to see the pattern of love the Universe brings into our lives. It is pure serendipity at work. Love and Peace to all!

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