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How To Be a Peaceful "Me," Happily.

Paper, ink, and metallic paint collage. 2022
Kiss of Life

It is a simple enough list, actually.

  1. Love that hurts you isn't love. Don't accept any form of it. Never.

  2. How people treat you when you are at the worst time of your life is true. Anyone who loves you will stay and fight the fight with you, with love. The rest must go.

  3. Negativity will end once you learn your lesson from it. Otherwise, it cycles in your life.

  4. Belief in the good in humanity must be sustained, no matter how dark it gets.

  5. Be your own boss, emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, and spiritually.

  6. Share your vulnerability with those who have given you unconditional love. If there is no one there to do so, multiply your self-love and self-care.

  7. Staying positive is good advice, but better is to deal with your shadow side first. Integration of both positive and negative is foundational for peace.

  8. Shame and guilt have no place where love is. Shame is a society-made concept. Dump these and replace with responsible and conscientious actions to better yourself every day.

  9. Return to sender all gifts of anger, pain, and negativity directed at you. You own none of it. You are worth love, and only love.

Never, never give up on yourself for another. Seek within when you find no support anywhere else. There is strength within, and the right people and right opportunities will show up.

Hugs and Love.

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