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(Stock image: Wix)

(Stock image: Wix)


​Through her online studio, visual artist and graphic designer Sangeeta Kaul uses creativity to fuel social change, mental health awareness, and community advocacy issues. Kaul enjoys organizing events designed to coax the personal joy and creativity of the participants. 

She actively welcomes projects and partnerships with non-profit organizations, conference organizers, educators, writers, mental health counselors, and social justice advocates. She can be reached at 301 746 2136 or

Please register for the latest SPICYCHAI CREATIVE CIRCLE classes here.

floral study

(Stock image: Wix)

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Print Works

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  • Thanksgiving in the Times
    of a Pandemic

    Curated an online art exhibition, (2020)

  • Spicyseed Art Show
    Kensington Park Library, Kensington, MD (2019)

  • SpicyChai Creativity Circle
    A creative session exploring art and diversity, Garrett Park, MD (2019)

  • When Stars Align: The Universal Creative Force
    Curated art exhibition, Greenbelt Art Center, Greenbelt, MD (2018)

  • Einstein
    2ft x 3ft, recycled glass window w/mixed media (2015)
    Math Department at University of Maryland, College Park, MD (

  • Untitled 
    3ft x 6ft, mixed media on canvas (2015)
    Math Dept. at Univ. of MD, College Park, MD

SpicyChaiCreativeCirc_March 2109.jpg



  • 2022 SpicyChai Creative Circle Courses

  • Poetry N2
    Hopeworks. Online Forum.

  • SpicyChai Creativity Circle
    Creative session exploring art and diversity in the local community)

  • Allies Playdates
    Organized and hosted an event celebrating Women’s History and African American History with 
    art + food + music

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